Suspension Training Instructor

The Suspension Training Instructor Certificate is ideal for existing fitness professionals (with at least a REPS recognised Fitness Instructor or equivalent certificate) who wish to master this extremely effective and versatile training methodology.

Suspended Movement Training is most commonly recognised by the brand name TRX®. The methodology is particularly valuable for personal trainers and their clients, as the equipment is extremely versatile, lightweight, and portable, and allows for very effective full-body workouts – perfect for use in mobile PT and bootcamp sessions conducted outside of the usual gym environment.

Suspension Training Instructor
Suspension Training Instructor

The course provides all the necessary knowledge, both physical and coaching skills, and the confidence to use Suspension Training equipment safely and effectively with clients.

If you are not yet qualified as a fitness professional, this course forms part of both our Advanced and Master Personal Trainer Diploma packages.

Who is eligible to enrol?

If enrolling separate to PT Diploma course, REPS recognised Fitness Instructor Certificate or equivalent required as a prerequisite to doing this course.
Minimum age 16 years

Suspension Training Instructor
Circuits Instructor

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What do I get with this payment option?
CIMSPA endorsed EPTI Certificate in Instructing Suspension Training

Am I eligible to enrol?
⚠️ With REPS recognised Gym Instructor Certificate. Please provide proof of your certification and wait for confirmation prior to purchase

Accommodation included?
❎ No

How many payments?
One time payment charged today - nothing more to pay

How do I pay?
Click the sign up button below and pay by credit card
NB. All payments are strictly non-refundable

Is my payment secure?
✅ Yes, payments are encrypted through the secured Stripe payment gateway

Duration: Lifetime
Price: €175.00