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About Us

About Us

Personal Training


The European Personal Trainer Institute was founded in 2013 by Toby Clay, who had been working as a professional personal trainer since 2000. EPTI was formed when he decided to address the lack of quality fitness training providers available, and how unprepared many newly-certified PTs were.

Since that time, EPTI have established three Mediterranean training campuses where we have trained, supported and certified many hundreds of fitness professionals of all backgrounds, experience levels, and from every continent around world.

Over the years, a hand-picked team of talented tutors and assessors have also joined the EPTI family, with a shared passion for supporting others in improving their lives.

EPTI offer a fresh approach to fitness education, certification and supporting people in fulfilling their fitness career dreams, by combining the EPTI teams’ vast and varied practical and coaching skills, fitness knowledge, and extensive experience of direct professional PT delivery, as well as of running successful real-world and online-based PT businesses.

The EPTI mission (and our passion!) is to produce the most prepared, knowledgeable, skilled, and confident new personal trainers in the world, with a focus on going beyond the industry standards and honing the PT delivery skills of students to a superior standard.

The European Personal Training Institute has a tradition of providing top quality and innovative personal training courses, within a supportive and encouraging environment, enabling our students to fulfil their full potential as personal trainers. Which is why EPTI graduates are highly sought after by quality gyms and health clubs around the world.

All EPTI certifications and diplomas are delivered via blended learning: beginning with the theoretical learning and coursework – completed online on the EPTI e-Learning platform, and concluding with up to two weeks at one of 3 Mediterranean campuses coaching of all practical skills, mentoring, theory examinations, and practical assessment.

All qualifications are accredited through Active IQ and are recognised in the UK by both CIMSPA and the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs); and around the world by the International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPS).

We hope that the commitment and passion we put into our courses is clear to every course participant and we are very proud of our course graduates.


Meet The EPTI Team

Toby Clay: Education Director

Toby Clay EPTIToby always dreamed of working in the fitness industry, and completed his PT certification in the UK in January 2000, while also playing national league level rugby union.

In 2000, Toby established a successful freelance personal training business across London and Essex.

In his years as a certified PT, Toby has trained 1000s of different clients from all walks of life – including actors, athletes, sports men and women, and, of course, many members of the general public, managed both corporate and commercial gym facilities, gained extensive experience as a studio group training instructor, held the position of Strength and Conditioning Coach to a number of rugby teams and clubs, and has regularly consulted for and contributed to Men’s Fitness Magazine.

Toby now enjoys life living on the Costa Blanca, and divides his time working with EPTI, providing specialist conditioning to a locally based group of elite professional tour team cyclists. He also continues to offer personal training sessions locally.


Mike Wilson: Teacher/ Assessor/ Internal Verifier

Mike Wilson EPTI

After graduating with a degree in Sport & Exercise Science in 2001, Mike began his career in the fitness industry as a Fitness Instructor with a health club chain.

Over the first 6 years of his career, Mike quickly progressed into Personal Training and Group Fitness, and then taking on management roles where he was responsible for overseeing the success of a team of Personal Trainers and a Group Fitness Programme.

In the year 2007, Mike began to focus and specialise more on fitness education, and took the position of Training & Education Manager.

In 2010, Mike decided to explore the world and enjoy traveling, and now runs his own successful Personal Training business alongside enjoying his work supporting new PTs as a tutor, assessor, and internal verifier with the European Personal Training Institute.



Chris Rogers: Teacher/ Assessor/ Internal Verifier


Chris has been working within the health & fitness industry since 2003. He began his career as a fitness instructor and group exercise coach while simultaneously studying for a degree in Sport & Exercise Science.

After graduating in 2004, Chris worked in several studio & fitness management roles for a large UK health club chain.

In 2008, Chris set up his own successful Personal Training and Bootcamp business, which he continues to run today. Chris also manages a number of gyms on behalf of Wiltshire County Council, and considers himself very fortunate to be able to able to share his knowledge, experience, and passion through his work with EPTI.


Caroline Clay: Teacher/ Assessor, SMT co-ordinator

Caroline Clay

Caroline began her Fitness career in 2000 with an Exercise to Music qualification, and continued her education and expanded her teaching experience to include Circuits, Boxercise, Aqua Gym, Core Conditioning, and Zumba.

In 2002, Caroline moved to Spain and completed her Master Personal Trainer Diploma.

Caroline enjoys training individuals 1-2-1 outdoors in the beautiful Spanish climate. She has great enthusiasm for sharing health and fitness knowledge, and qualified as a Teacher and Assessor to help students to fulfil their own career aspirations working through EPTI. She’s look forward to meeting you soon!

Phillip Quilter Teacher/ Assessor

Phillip Quilter EPTI

After achieving his degree as a PE teacher, Phil worked in England and Spain as a PE teacher for 7 years, before taking the EPTI Master PT Diploma.

Since gaining this qualification, Phil has established himself in a new chain of gyms just outside of Oslo, Norway. He currently runs group training classes for local companies and consults for local sports teams alongside his work as a PT.

Phil is combines his extensive experience as a teacher with has professional passion as a PT to help the next generation of PT's achieve their ambitions.






Wayne Fleet: CPR & First Aid Instructor (DENIA)

Wayne Fleet

Wayne moved to Spain in 2013 and is the owner of Dive Academy in Santa Pola. As part of the scuba diver instructors course, Wayne took further training to become a first aid Primary care and Secondary care instructor.

Although he takes his courses very seriously and ensures each student gains more than the required level of understanding and practical skills, he also likes to teach with a fun approach. He is always happy and excited to meet and support the next group of EPTI PT's.




Charles & Bianca Bezuidenhout - CPR & FIRST AID INSTRUCTORS (ESTEPONA)

Into The Blue Profile

Charles and his daughter Bianca respectively own and manage ‘Into The Blue Diving’ dive centre, located in Benalmadena Costa, having moved to Spain from South Africa in 2014.

In addition to their scuba diving qualifications, both are experienced EFR CPR & First Aid Instructors who love to teach the first aid course.

Their philosophy is: the more fun you have with the course, the more you relax and focus, remember, the more beneficial it is! They enjoy meeting new students on the Estepona campus practical courses.


Rachel Watts: CPR & First Aid Instructor (MALTA)

Rachel has been delivering EFR CPR & First Aid courses since 2005, the same year that she became a qualified Diving Instructor. Before moving to Malta permanently in 2013, Rachel worked with the Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service, where she was the appointed team first aider.

Rachel is now the Director of Diving for the University of Malta resource centre, having qualified as a PADI Course Director in 2017. She enjoys utilising her many years of experience teaching primary and secondary care, and looks forward to building your confidence in being prepared in your role as a PT.



Contact us on (UK) 0044 2037 691 106 or (Spain) 0034 633 094 619 for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose to train with EPTI?

How does the online e-Learning platform work?

How long does the online study take?

What equipment do I need to complete the online learning?

What methods of support do I get throughout my training?

How do I access tutor support during my course?

How many days do I need to attend the practical course?

What kind of practical training do I get with my course?

Where does the practical course training take place?

Are your qualifications recognised in the industry?

Are the qualifications recognised abroad?

What is REP’s?

What is Active IQ?

How old do I have to be to enrol?

Are there any hidden fees, that are not included in the course fees?

Do I have to pay in full when I enrol on a course?

When can I start once I’ve enrolled?

How do I pay for the course?

Is there a deadline to finish my training?

What happens If I fail?

When will I receive my certification?

How easy is it to get a job with this qualification?

Am I guaranteed an interview with any large gym chains once I'm certified?

  • Why should I choose to train with EPTI?
    • European Personal Training Institute’s mission is to provide the fitness industry with the very best fitness instructors and personal trainers. The courses that we offer are blended between distance-taught study via our online e-Learning platform and a comprehensive practical course that develops PT skills above and beyond what is required.
    • Our tutors have their own successful personal training businesses and each have over 15 years’ experience in the field.

  • How does the online e-Learning platform work?
    • When you enrol, you receive log-in details for the Active IQ e-Learning Platform. The learning material is streamed to your computer, giving you the advantage of studying at your own pace. There are frequent quizzes and knowledge tests to check your understanding, but do not count towards your final assessment.

  • How long does the online study take?
    • Typically most students take between 10-16 weeks to get through the online e-Learning and coursework assignments for the full versions of the personal training courses. However they may be completed in a shorter time or extended, depending on the time that you have available for study.

  • What equipment do I need to complete the online learning?
    • All you require to access the e-Learning platform is an internet connection and a computer with audio; or an ipad.

  • reps accredited personal trainersWhat methods of support do I get throughout my training?

    Your tutor will be there to guide and assist you during your online study

    • Upon enrolment, you will be assigned a support tutor who will be available to you throughout your online study to provide assistance. Your tutor will also be on hand to give feedback and guidance towards completing your coursework assignments.

  • How do I access tutor support during my course?
    • Online Skype sessions with your dedicated support tutor
    • E-mail
    • Telephone

  • How many days do I need to attend the practical course?
    • The length of the practical course varies depending on which qualification you choose to study with us:
      Our practical couse training runs from 9am - 5pm each day (with breaks for snacks and lunch to enable you to refuel through the day).
      • Fitness Instructor course = 4 days
      • Personal Trainer Diploma courses are held over a fortnight window:
        • Basic PT Diploma = 8 days total (+3 free days)
        • Advanced PT Diploma = 10 days total (+3 free days)
        • Master PT Diploma = 12 days total (+1 free day)

  • What kind of practical training do I get with my course?

    Training takes place at one of our campus gyms & outside on the beach (Spain) or park (Malta)

    • DSC00542This depends on the course that you choose, but the following methods are offered by EPTI for you to become the best PT:
    • Gym-based – resistance machines, free weights, body weight exercises
    • Outdoor PT
    • Functional training – cables, swiss balls
    • Group Instructor / Circuits
    • Kettle bells
    • Suspension Training (TRX)

  • Where does the practical course training take place?
    • The training takes place at our campuses in Southern Europe plus some outdoor training on the beach. All our campuses are ideally located close to international airports. Click here to view our list of campuses.

  • Are your qualifications recognised in the industry?
    • All our qualifications are endorsed and approved within the fitness industry. Our Active IQ qualifications are recognised by CIMSPA & REPS in the UK and ICREPS confederate members worldwide 

European Personal Training Institute

  • Are the qualifications recognised abroad?
    • Yes, REPS is currently recognised in the following parts of the world:
      • UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe
      • Australia & New Zealand
      • South Africa
      • USA, Canada & Caribbean
      • United Arab Emirates




  • What is REP’s?
    • The Registration of Exercise Professionals provides a system of regulation for instructors and trainers to ensure that they meet the health and fitness industry’s agreed level for qualifications and occupational standards .


  • What is Active IQ?
    • Active IQ is one of the UK’s leading Awarding Organisations for the leisure industry


  • How old do I have to be to enrol?
    • The minimum age to attend the practical course is 16 years; however students may begin their on-line study before this age.

  • Are there any hidden fees, that are not included in the course fees?
    • No! – The fee you pay covers all your tuition, tutor support, registration, certification and gym admission.
    • The Dénia & Estepona campus residential packages covers student accommodation and airport minibus transfer to/from the campus.
    • The course fees do not cover air travel or food during your stay with us.

  • Do I have to pay in full when I enrol on a course?
    • No, the cost of the course can be paid for over four equal monthly payments. The first payment constitutes the deposit and this covers your reservation.

  • When can I start once I’ve enrolled?
    • As soon as you are enrolled with us, e-Learning log-in details are generated for you. Typically, you will have access to all of your learning materials within one working day of your deposit being received.

  • How do I pay for the course?
    • Payment plans are available on request. Please contact EPTI for more information.

  • Is there a deadline to finish my training?
  • What happens If I fail? Certified
    • If you don't pass first time EPTI will offer you a free re-assessment

      If you are referred on any part of the assessment process, EPTI have a policy of offering free re-assessments.

    • EPTI will strive to schedule the re-assessment at a time during the practical course, if appropriate and at the discretion of EPTI.
    • If it is not possible to do this, then students may return for re-assessment, on a subsequent practical course, on a date agreed by EPTI.
    • Students also have the option of submitting a video recording to EPTI of themselves delivering a practical session following awarding body guidelines.

  • When will I receive my certification?
    • You will receive your EPTI certificate at the end of the practical course. Certificates issued by the examining board usually take between a month and six weeks to be issued.

  • How easy is it to get a job with this qualification?
    • Our Fitness Instructor & Personal Training courses are recognised by both CIMSPA & REPS, which means that as an industry-recognised qualification, students are easily able to find employment and self-employment opportunities upon graduation. 
    • Please view our PT success stories page.

  • Am I guaranteed a job interview with any large gym chains once I'm certified?
    • Yes - in the UK, Virgin Active, Fitness First and PureGym guarantee a job interview for all EPTI students at any gym location of your choice.


Virgin Active, UK Fitness First, Dubai Fitness First, Fitness 360° Dubai, Leisure People, Pure Gym, and many more
 ........all Guarantee EPTI Advanced PT Diploma graduates a job interview.



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Denia Campus – Costa Blanca, Spain

Denia Campus – Costa Blanca, Spain

Denia Campus

Click here to view Denia Course gallery

EPTI have carefully selected the location of their training campus. Dénia is located on Spain's Costa Blanca and benefits from approximately 325 sunny days per year!

Aside from the perfect Spanish climate that allows us to train outdoors with a smile on our face, Dénia offers students the perfect blend of training facilities and Mediterranean experience.

The EPTI campus which encompasses the practical training and student accommodation is situated within walking distance to the town centre, sandy beaches, Port and Marina.

The Loreto tapas district offers students an ideal opportunity to relax, socialise and soak up the cosmopolitan atmosphere after an intense day of learning. 

Our students benefit from a first class training environment at the Denia Sports Village training complex which boasts fantastic indoor and outdoor facilities



Denia Campus, Spain 

March 2nd - March 14th 2020
May 11th - May 23rd 2020

Click here for course calendar

Gym & Classroom

The gym is fully equipped with Technogym machines and equipment. We also make use of our classroom and personal training fitness studio that is located here, during your stay with us.

Outside, we have sports pitches and an athletic stadium as well as the beach, just 400m away where we are able to develop your outdoor PT skills.

All students have the opportunity to relax and unwind in the evenings with unlimited access to the complex’s pool and spa area during their time here in Denia.

Click here to view Campus gallery





All our apartments are located within the same luxury complex, within walking distance to our gym training facility and the centre of Denia and the famous Loreto tapas district, supermarkets shops and restaurants. Furthermore, they are located less than 400m from the sandy Mediterranean beach front we utilise for the outdoor aspects of the course.


Denia Campus

Click here to view Student Accommodation gallery

The Complex:

The apartments are in a fantastic luxury complex in Denia, less than 5 min walk to the beach.


The open plan living room and dining area are tastefully furnished and also have a Satelitte TV and AC.


The kitchen is fully equipped with oven, hob, fridge/ freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and spin dryer, microwave, coffee machine, kettle, plus all kitchen utensils. An iron is also provided.


Relax after a full day of study in your very own room. Each apartment has two bedrooms. The master bedroom has a double bed and ensuite bathroom, AC and Satellite TV.

The second bedroom has two single beds, central heating and a shower room.

All linen is provided.


The bathrooms are fully equipped. The ensuite bathroom has a bath, WC, basin and bidet; the guest shower room has shower, WC and basin.

All towels are provided.

Location of Denia

The World Class EPTI training campus is just south of Valencia and north of Alicante in the small traditional Spanish port town of Denia on Spain's Costa Blanca. Surrounded by the spectacular mountains and fantastic beaches including Oliva Nova, Xabia, Ganida and Calp you have plenty of activities to do in your down time including snorkelling, swimming, walking, cycling or just soaking up the warm Spanish sunshine. 

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Basic Personal Trainer Diploma


EPTI Basic Personal Trainer Diploma

Just the essentials! This package is our most basic, however the content is anything but! 

The Basic Personal Trainer Diploma includes the key qualifications you need to become an internationally certified and start your career as a professional personal trainer.

No previous fitness qualifications are required to enrol onto this course because the Basic PT Diploma includes the mandatory Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification (EQF Level 3), which serves as the foundation and entry level to the personal training course. However, some personal gym experience is recommended.

The Diploma delivery is via a blended learning approach. It consists of online home study from the Active IQ e-learning platform, with support and guidance from EPTI tutors every step of the way. It concludes with an 8-day practical course at your preferred training campus.

You have the choice of training at any one of our Mediterranean training campus locations in Dénia, Estepona or Malta. Combination course and accommodation packages are available at our Dénia and Estepona campus locations (see below for more details).

This course provides added value in terms of support, tools and resources - so that you will not only be qualified, but also completely confident in intelligent programming and professional delivery of effective sessions for your clients.

You will receive practical coaching that exceeds industry requirements for this certificate. You will learn and practise everything you need to know to provide the highest quality gym-based training, effective group outdoor bootcamps, and fun, effective PT pad work for your clients.

During the course, we provide our PT Diploma students the opportunity to deliver personal training sessions to real people in a supervised PT clinic setting. Our students find this an invaluable experience that helps boost their confidence and gives them the chance to practise their newly acquired skills with members of the public.

Included in the Basic Diploma is free lifetime access to a wide range of valuable and practical tools and resources to use in your work as a certified Personal Trainer.

The qualifications are recognised in the UK by both CIMSPA and the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs); and around the world by the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPS), and provides eligibility for entry on to the Register of Exercise Professionals at level 3 (level 4 EREPS in Europe).

Our mission is for you to feel prepared, competent, and confident in your PT knowledge and skills. You’ll be excited and ready to hit the ground running as soon as you graduate.


We offer an accommodation package that can be purchased by students wishing to study at either the Dénia or the Estepona campuses. Accommodation is a shared student apartment with your own private bedroom in a well appointed complex.

(Apartments are shared on a same-gender basis, unless otherwise requested.)

This option provides a focused learning atmosphere where you will bond and grow together with your classmates. After the timetabled hours, you will have time to socialise with your fellow PTs-in-training, enjoying the wonderful Spanish culture and climate!

The accommodation package also includes a complementary minibus transfer from Alicante Airport to the campus in Dénia, or from Málaga Airport to the apartments in Estepona for flights arriving before 13:00hrs on the scheduled arrival day of the practical course.

NB - The accommodation package is not available for courses in Malta.



  Basic PT Diploma
       x1 PAYMENT
   Basic PT Diploma
       x4 PAYMENTS
   Basic PT Diploma
       x1 PAYMENT
   Basic PT Diploma
      x4 PAYMENTS


REPSActive IQ Level 3 (EQF Level 4) Certificate in Personal Training
Active IQ Level 2 (EQF Level 3) Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Gym)
Award in Bootcamp Instructor and PT Padwork

CPD Points: 10 CIMPSA Endorsement points, 20 REPS CPD points

REPSPre-requisites: None
Theory/Coursework: Online 
Practical: 8 Days (9am-5pm)
Assessment: Coursework, practical assessment, theory exam


EPTI Fitness Professional Basic PT Upgrade Course

If you are already a REPS level 2 Fitness Instructor, EPTI recognise your prior learning and you can upgrade onto the Basic Personal Trainer Diploma course and gain the Level 3 Personal Training Certificate without having to do the Fitness Instructor qualification again. Click on the Upgrade course title above to find out more.

Please contact one of the EPTI team to provide proof of your level 2 certification prior to purchase to confirm that you are legible for the Fitness Professional Basic PT Upgrade 4 day practical course training at our fantastic training campus in Southern Spain or Malta.


For more information regarding our EPTI personal training courses email us at
or call
(UK) 0044 2037 691 106 (Spain) 0034 633 094 619.

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